Horizontal blinds


Interior horizontal blinds known as Venetian blinds are safe solution against strong sunlight in summer. They are practical and easy to clean. Their slats are aluminum with a width of 25 mm. Available in various colours that can satisfy even the most demanding taste. It can be installed both in front of the glass and between the glasses.


Lateral guidance – it enables the blind to be tightly attached tightly to the wing, it can be raised and locked in a chosen height. Powered by a cord that plugs into perforated for this purpose holes.

Lower attachment – it is a clip, which is placed on the bottom of the profile.

It is preferable to use one of these extras as thanks to them when opening the wing, the blind does not sway.

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Pricelist for interior horizontal blinds:


 шириналамели цвят лв. на      м2 монтаж  страничноводене за брой щора долно закрепване за брой щора планка   SUNFLEXза брой  щора
25 мм  бял 16.00 лв.      –   3.00 лв. 1.00 лв. 1.00 лв.
25 мм цвят 17.00 лв.      –   3.00 лв. 1.00 лв. 1.00 лв.
25 мм цвят -дърво 24.50 лв.      –   3.00 лв. 1.00 лв. 1.00 лв.
25 мм пефора-ция 24.50 лв.      –   3.00 лв.  1.00 лв. 1.00 лв.



Wide rail MAXI (white, gray, brown) + 3.50 BGN for m²

Custom blinds and type rug x 50%

Blind under 0,5 m² is calculated for 0,5 m²


All prices are in BGN and include VAT. Free installation and delivery.

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