Roller blinds

Роло щори

Roller blinds are beautiful solution for the interior of your home. They are stylish and fresh, made from high-quality fabrics which are antistatic and easy to clean. There is a variety of different colors and patterns.

Available in two types:


– Roller blinds without a guide and a box – elements that are part of the blind are available in color – white and brown. The installation may be on a window, a wall or ceiling.


– Roller blinds with guide and box – are suitable for PVC and AL joinery. The assembly/box and guides/ are made of aluminum and can be in color: white, golden oak, brown, mahogany and walnut.


The control of the blinds in both cases is made by a chain that moves and therefore when you reach your desired position you stop pulling it.


Роло щора с водач
Roller blind with a guide 
Роло щори без водач
Roller blind without a guide









Roller blinds

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Roller blinds “Day and night”

den i nost 2 den i nost

Roller blinds “Day and night”





                                                          Roller blinds “Day and night”

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