Profile system KMG is produced by Bulgarian company Altest a joint project with two other companies – Austrian and German

Production base is positioned in Burgas and has fifteen extrusion lines, making Altest the company with the largest capacity of the Bulgarian market. First to show up on the market is the 4-chamber PVC system KMG named “Prelude”.

Windows made of this series can reduce the loss of energy in the room to 37%, making them an ideal solution for any user. The heat transfer coefficient is: Uw = 1,6 W / (m2. K) Width of the profile is 60 mm. 4 cameras with a very smooth surface allowing easy and effortless cleaning. Available in both white and in the wood colours.

KMG Prelude

KMG Prestige

The company Altest has decided to offer the end user a higher grade sections – namely, its 6-chamber system KMG Prestige.

6-chamber profiles have even better design, sound and heat insulation properties. Primarily intended for foreign markets and just countries with cold climates. Profile resists to all changes of the environment, corrosion, humidity, acids, heat deformation and UV – radiation. The size of the profile allows the use of triple glazing 32 mm or dual 32 and 24 mm.

When tested for coefficient of thermal conductivity, the profile showed excellent results: Uw = 1,5 W / (m2. K)

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