Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds can make an attractive accent to any room, but they also offer important functions that can improve the quality of life in your home. They are durable products that are easy to clean. The wide selection of colors allows you to make different interior solutions according to your taste.


Indoor horizontal blinds, often referred to as Venetian blinds, are a classic choice and are an attractive addition to any decorating style.

The term “Venetian” is a universal description for a window treatment with horizontal louvres that can be tilted, opened and closed, and light balancing. Venetian blinds can filter or completely block light, provide complete privacy, protect against UV rays, insulate your home and help reduce heating bills. The aluminum slats of the internal horizontal blinds we offer are 25mm wide, as the installation can be in front of the glass or between the glasses.

Horizontal blinds can be side-guided or bottom-mounted

side guide: represents a transparent or textile cord that passes through the slat and is attached to the windows, thus the blind can be raised and lowered to the selected height.
bottom attachment: this is a clip that is placed at the bottom of the profile. It is preferable to use one of the two options, because thanks to them, the blind does not shake when the sash is opened.

You can also buy on installments.

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