Profileless glazing

Add a unique style to your home with our folding glass systems.

The innovative solution for glazing verandas, balconies, offices, conservatories, restaurants and swimming pools. The profileless accordion allows you to enjoy the view you have without the window profiles disturbing you.

Glazing with the glass accordion is one of the most suitable methods for external glazing, as it provides convenience in use and safety, and also gives a stylish appearance.

The glass accordion creates aesthetics and style, lets in the full amount of light, provides easy access for cleaning the inside and outside of the glass. Contributes to better thermal and noise insulation. This glazing system is extremely durable and is not affected by external weather conditions. It enables 100% openability of the glazed space, so you can quickly and easily turn open spaces into closed spaces and vice versa when needed.

Features and characteristics of the glass accordion

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As standard, the profile is in an eluxed color or the natural color of aluminum, but we can offer powder painting of the profile in more than 1000 RAL colors
Your safety is our priority, that’s why the glasses we use are additionally processed by tempering, thus they withstand strong winds, hail, heat waves and other natural phenomena.
Protection against noise and dust – glass accordion provides excellent protection against noise and dust, making it a perfect choice for glazing spaces in urban environments without disturbing the overall look of the building.
The glass harmonica allows maximum use of natural light in the room. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the use of artificial lighting and save energy.
Last but not least is the individual design. The system offers options for opening/sliding the windows of your choice. It can also be designed so that L-shaped or U-shaped rooms are connected only through the glass, allowing a 180° panoramic view.

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