Automated guillotine vertical slide

Guillotine glazing is an automated vertical sliding system that is extremely easy to operate with just a push of the remote. The best solution for every garden, terrace, restaurant and office or where optimal wind protection is needed. The innovative system is distinguished by very high functionality, practicality and stylish design. You can adjust the opening of the wings to any position, and in the fully open position the glazing performs the function of a glass railing. A very suitable type of glazing for establishments with open gardens that can be protected from bad weather conditions at all times. When the windows are closed, they provide you with maximum protection from rain and wind, as well as from dust and noise. The elegant and modern look of the vertical guillotine slide is an excellent solution. The broken design of the utilized outdoor space creates coziness and comfort. The system allows you to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view around you from the enclosed area.

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