REHAU PVC profiles are the undisputed market leader with better thermal insulation performance.

You have a very important decision to make:What kind of PVC windows to install?

It is important to know the following:

Windows are a lifetime investment. If you care about design, cost savings as well as the durability of the profile, you have made the right decision with a Rehau profile. With the windows of this system, you can choose a large color range of almost all RAL colors.

We offer several REHAU profile systems

  • Profile width – 70 mm
  • 5 chamber system
  • Thermal insulation – Uf=1.3W/m2K
  • Noise isolation – 45db

Better insulation with the Rehau Synego 7-chamber system.

By installing the Rehau Synego window system, you can experience the true pleasure of comfort in your home. With the 7-chamber system of Rehau Synego with a triple seal, you get up to 50% better thermal insulation and up to Rw,p = 46 dB sound insulation, making it the ideal way to save energy costs. To raise the level of craftsmanship, we offer the system with one of the best MASÓ MULTI-MATIC or MASÓ Security RC2 blinds. The profiles are made with High-Definitoin-Finishing technology, which gives the profile an exceptional smoothness and is very easy to clean.

Rehau Synego profile features:

  • Constructive width 80 mm
  • Double glazing up to 51 mm

You can also buy on installments.

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