Stylish metal entrance doors from Z Plast.


Entrance door model: T-305, golden oak, Classic series

Sash + frame size: 90/200

Sash construction:

The structure of the sash consists of two MDF panels 10 mm thick, between which a metal sheet of 1.5 mm is placed. The milled panel has a painted finish of 4 coats of paint and one coat of varnish. The thickness of the sash is 70 mm with mineral wool filling for sound and thermal insulation and metal ribbing. On the hinge side, the sash is reinforced with six passive studs that enter the frame when closed.

Frame construction:

The frame is adjustable with double-sided sills and is made of 1.5 mm powder-coated metal.

For wall thickness from 15 cm to 34 cm
For wall thickness from 15 cm to 50 cm (with order and additional price)

The kit includes:

  • wing;
  • adjustable metal frame with sills on both sides;
  • rubber seal on the frame;
  • 3 hinges;
  • 3 anti-burglar spikes;
  • metal L-shaped sill profile on which the main sill is built;
  • two independent locking systems;

  • 2 secret locks;
  • 2 secret cartridges;
  • anti-breakage cap and cartridge armouring;
  • keys – 3 secret and 3 secret pit keys for higher protection;
  • Inox satin active handle for the inside and Inox satin active or passive handle for the outside type “Cigar” or “Crescent”;
  • metal hammer-head.


In this model of entrance door the locking is with two independent locking systems, each with three active studs. The leaf is reinforced with six passive spikes that enter the door frame when the door is closed.

*** The surface of the door is subject to deterioration due to solar UV rays and moisture and is not suitable for exposure to direct weather unless a canopy is constructed to protect the door.

PRICE OF THE DOOR – 739,00 lv.


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