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Interior door GRADDE, model: Reichsburg, san diego cherry color


Sash: 40mm-thick rebated from NDF boards, with a reinforced NDF sash frame. The opening direction can be left or right. It is possible to shorten the wing if necessary. The GRADDE wings are shortened only at the bottom.

Filling: honeycomb type

Coating: The coating is Graddex Klasse A++ – a multi-layered coating of vertically arranged layers of wood particles, impregnated with protective varnish, melamine and synthetic resins according to Gradde’s innovative Hartfein technology, which guarantees the product’s water resistance and scratch resistance Class A++.

Glass: The glass of the Gradde doors is 4 mm thick. This door model is available with white matt glass.

Case: Adjustable case with straight slats, with the possibility of adjustment on one side, which allows extending the range of the respective case by up to 20 mm. The boxes also have the option of reducing the range by expressing up to 20 mm. The crates are available in a variety of sizes covering walls from 60mm to 340mm.

Possible sash sizes: 744/1990, 844/1990

Possible dimensions of the door with the case: 748/1995, 848/1995

The basic set includes: wing, straight frame for a wall from 75 to 139 mm, skirting boards for both sides, rubber seal, counter, standard lock with PVC tongue and one key, three main hinges.

PRICE: BGN 530.00.

Installation is not included in the price!

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