The right time to change the joinery

The end of winter and beginning of spring is the right time for the replacement of The right time to change the joinery the old window frames.


The reasons for this are several:


First, the winter has shown us what windows have left us in the cold and wind,

and it is not preferable to remain for the next winter.


Second, during the winter and early spring period companies producers of

joinery do not have so much work and try with all sorts of discounts to gain

more customers, which leads to the lowest prices for the entire year.

And we Z Plast offer you a winter price which you can see here:


Third, but perhaps the most important is that when companies do not have so much work, their staff is not so overloaded and under pressure and thus do a better job, because we Z Plast think that the installation is perhaps the most important part of the whole process of replacement of joinery, even perfectly constructed of the best profiles and mechanisms, but installed poorly joinery creates problems as if we are with the old wooden window frames.