External roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are designed to ensure the security, warmth, coolness and tranquility of commercial establishments, offices and homes.


The external roller blinds we offer are made of polyvinyl chloride or aluminum and are a guarantee of quality.

Types of external roller blinds:

Plastic: PVC lamella, PVC box, PVC brackets, PVC axis, PVC wide brush guide, snuff box. This type of external roller blinds can only be in white.
Combined: PVC slats, AL box, AL brackets, metal axis, AL guide with brush, terminal, snuffbox.
Aluminum: AL slats – 39 mm, AL box, AL brackets, metal axle, AL guide with brush, terminal, snuffbox.

Color combinations:

PVC slats are available in white.

Aluminum slats and elements are available in a diverse range of colors. The ones that are most often ordered are in color – white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany. They can also be painted according to RAL.

External roller blinds can be controlled both manually and with an electric motor
Manual operation can be done by means of a sheet with a snuff box or by means of a crank when the blind is large.
When operating with an electric motor, a button and/or remote control is used.

You can also buy on installments.

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