PVC windows

Good joinery is the key to coziness in the home.

PVC windows are the most preferred option when replacing the old crooked and unsealed windows that "eat" your money and health.

The strengths of windows made of PVC profiles are resistance to rain, moisture, wind, dust, cold, heat, noise, entry of unwanted pests and UV rays. The better your PVC windows insulate from these factors, the less energy you will invest and enjoy a healthier life.

PVC profiles are produced from polyvinyl chloride material.

which has unique qualities such as self-extinguishing (in case of fire), high elasticity, resistance to loads and impact, chemical resistance, electrical insulator and almost zero water absorption.

They come in different sizes, cameras and color profiles.

With the increase in the number of chambers (separation inside the profile), the size of the profile also increases, as well as the possibility of equipping the profile with wider glass units for better heat and noise insulation and placing wider metal profiles in the PVC profile for greater stability.

Plastic joinery is made up of several components that mostly determine its quality and price:

1. PVC profile
2. Metal reinforcing profile (placed in the plastic one)
3. Double glazing
4. Fittings (opening and closing mechanisms)
5. Fasteners

A good plastic window is equipped with good and quality elements from time-proven manufacturers, so that it can serve us well and without accidents for many years.

In an effort to offer good and quality services to our customers, we at Zet Plast EOOD have tried to select a wide and high-quality palette of PVC profiles in a variety of quality and prices.

We offer plastic joinery of the leading companies REHAU, ALUPLAST, VEKA AND SALAMANDER.

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