Salamander is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC profile systems for doors and windows. They have been on the market since 1973.

Salamander profiles are characterized by first-class quality.

Highly light-resistant and uniquely resistant to aggressive climatic effects, with an extremely long life - over 60 years and with an attractive design combined with high functionality.

Stream Line PVC window system is 5-chamber,

with a profile width of 76 mm. and with the possibility of placing a glass unit up to 48 mm. It has high functionality and exceptional quality. Resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences with a one-of-a-kind coating that gives whiteness and gloss, makes it difficult for dirt to adhere, thus making cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible.

Salamander StreamLine

Salamander Bluevision

BlueEvolution PVC window system is 6-chamber,

with a profile width of 92 mm and with the possibility of placing a glass unit up to 54 mm. Excellent thermal protection and brilliant gloss. Its exceptional construction width of 92 mm helps to achieve the highest values of noise and thermal insulation, which makes it suitable for installation in passive and low-energy houses.

In addition to white, the windows can be in a wide range of colors.

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