Mosquito nets

You do not need to try out all the preparations on the market and constantly allocate funds to save yourself from unpleasant visitors – flying insects.




By installing a mosquito net you ensure peace of mind, comfort and deep sleep. Make a truly worthwhile investment that will serve you for many years without more costs. Forget about all other methods of protection from mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects.

The mosquito nets offered by Z Plast are made of aluminum frames and a special fiberglass mesh that allows air to circulate seamlessly throughout the room. They are a reliable means of solving problems with annoying insects. They are manufactured in different sizes and the colours are white, wood and RAL choice, as well as in different variants.

Types of mosquito nets

  • Static mosquito nets (non-opening) – a frame with a net attached to the window frame for places that do not need access.
  • Hinged mosquito nets (openable) – for windows, easily removed from the hinges for cleaning. They close with a handle and snap and are convenient and economical.
  • Door mosquito nets (with wide reinforced profile) – for balcony doors. Attach to the door frame and open to the balcony. They are durable and convenient for permanent use.
  • Roller mosquito nets – the net retracts into a box at the top end. When needed, it is pulled out and secured by means of holders at the lower end. One of the most preferred options of mosquito net. Allows to be installed in combination with external roller blinds.
  • Horizontal pleated mosquito nets – the net is thick and strong. It gathers sideways and is resistant to external weathering. Best suited for narrow terraces with the inability to open the mosquito net door. Does not take up space and can also be combined with external roller blinds.
  • Vertical pleated mosquito nets (built-in) – the net is assembled in a harmonica at the top or bottom end with a plate (handle) – it is built into the window frame itself, allowing it to be removed with just one pull of a PVC strip attached to it. Innovative and aesthetic product of a new generation. For windows only.
  • Static mosquito nets with reeders (for insertion) – frame with net on the outer part, on which reeders are fixed. It is placed in the light opening of the window and fixed to the window frame by turning the plastic nuts located in the four corners.

You can also buy on installments.

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